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This page has all the info you need to create your own ad. From file specs, formats and templates everything you need can be found below. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact the graphics department. If you are in need of stock image resources, please let us know. We’ll gladly guide you in the right direction and supply whatever you need.

2 Page Spread

11″ X 8.5″
.25″ Bleed Necessary
Final Size With Bleed 11.5″ X 9″

Half Page

4.75″ X 3.7″
No Bleed Necessary

Full Page

11″ X 8.5″
.25″ Bleed Necessary
Final Size With Bleed 11.5″ X 9″

Quarter Page

4.75″ X 1.8″
No Bleed Necessary

Image Resolution

Images are made up of dots or pixels displayed at a DPI (dots per inch). Print resolution is 300 dpi and images sizes can be figured out by the ratio of 300:1 (i.e an image of 1650×2550 @ 300dpi = 5.5″x8.5″). Low resolutions images will print pixelated and blurry.

Color Mode

Files intended for printing should be set at CMYK color mode. This is the format of the four color process used by printers vs. RGB, the color setting for digital images intended for viewing on a monitor or website. Images formatted incorrectly may result in unplanned changes in color.

4 Color Black

To ensure black areas in your design are pure black, it is recommended to use all four colors to achieve a “pure” black in the final print. The formula to use is C:60% M:60% Y:60% K:100%. Using only black ink (0,0,0,100) will result in a washed-out looking dark gray when the file is printed.

File Formats

Accepted file formats are as follows:
JPG (high res), TIF, PDF, PSD, EPS, AI
Please make sure image files are high res
and all text is outlined


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