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At The Regal Edition we strive to connect reputable businesses with affluent clientele in the surrounding communities. With our content and advertisers list tailored specifically for this demographic, we aim to provide a marketing vehicle that efficiently reaches and targets the audience that benefits your business most. At The Regal Edition we place businesses in front of the right viewers at the right time.

Our Publication

The Regal Edition is distributed to the most upscale communities in select areas. With our publication being distributed exclusively to the most affluent homes in the area, our content is tailored to our affluent readers interests.


Online Presence

Advertising in The Regal Edition comes with an expanded online presence. To enhance maximum exposure, The Regal Edition will be available online for most publications printed in your area. Check back with us for digital publishing schedules.


Web Marketing

Ask your representative about how we can help you maximize your online exposure. We’ll supply you with a complete and free rating and report of all your online exposure and advise you on how to raise your score.

putting the right businesses in front of the right viewers

Our Publication

Advertising in The Regal Edition not only lends your company exposure in your area but opens the possibility of added exposure from all other areas we publish to. Our responsive and interactive publication is available to anyone that visits our site or social profiles and is formatted to work on all devices!

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